Brian helps you to ‘erase’ sensitive content in powerpoint and word files before you share and/or archive them!


A document contains confidential information that must remain only between you and the sender? At the same time, however, the document contains key information that you cannot withhold from your employees/colleagues? Should you create a new document or make information unrecognizable on your own? Wrong thinking. Why don’t you try Brian? He keeps every secret for himself and at the same time sanitizes everything that you want.


  • Brian sanitizes MS Powerpoint (pptx) and MS Word documents (docx)
  • A user can select the ‘Elements’ he/she wants to get sanitized in the document
  • In case the user does not specify the ‘Elements’, the ‘Default sanitization’ with pre-selected ‘Elements’ is delivered
  • Refer below table for ‘Elements’ supported/sanitized in case of MS Powerpoint (pptx), MS Word (docx) and Default sanitization


When sanitizing documents, no information is leaving our infrastructure – this skill is performed internally by Brian.


For troubleshooting, consider the following:

  • Please share with Brian the actual file – not a link (e.g. to sharepoint), Brian has no access to your file system
  • While most of the elements are sanitized completely, sanitizing names of companes and persons is supported by AI – it is possible names are not completely sanitized or also additional words are being replaced
  • Currently we support sanitization of word and powerpoint only

Brian Package

This skill is included in the following packages:

  • Brian Translate+
  • Brian Pro
  • Brain Next
  • Brian for Business

For detailed information visit our pricing site here.

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