Brian’s List of Industries 

Brian uses in his various skills multiple industry classifications – depending on the granularity of the available content. Below you find the most granular logic he is able to consider while he usually aggregates the industry information on a higher level.

  • The industry classification below bases on the TRBC 2012 standard (Thomson Reuters Business Classification) with over 1,000 categories
  • In case of company lists he distinguishes over 800 categories
  • In case of Industry KPIs he aggregates those industries to 100 categories

This is where you can learn more about the industry-related skills:

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wdt_ID Level Morningstar Industry Code Morningstar Industry Company list
1 Sector MI_101 Basic Materials
2 → Industry Group MI_10110 Agriculture
3 →→ Industry MI_10110010 Agricultural Inputs
4 → Industry Group MI_10120010 Building Materials
5 → Industry Group MI_10130 Chemicals
6 →→ Industry MI_10130010 Chemicals
7 →→ Industry MI_10130020 Specialty Chemicals
8 → Industry Group MI_10140 Forest Products
9 →→ Industry MI_10140010 Lumber & Wood Production
10 →→ Industry MI_10140020 Paper & Paper Products
Level Morningstar Industry