Security and privacy

“We do not know many startups taking the topic of data security and privacy as serious and professional as AskBrian does.
Great job!”

Nina Rümmele, Data Privacy specialist, Dehe Consulting

Martin Groschke

“A key precondition for the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies is rigorous data security and privacy setup. AskBrian combines an innovative solution with a convincing data management approach.”

Martin Groschke, Managing Partner, CORE SE

“The Protection of your Data is our top priority…
even beyond the tough legal requirements in Germany.”

Pavol Sikula, Founder & CEO, AskBrian

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– Security and Privacy  –

Data Safety for you, your employees & your customers

gdpr askbrian

100% GDPR compliant

Rigid internal processes, transparent Privacy Policy, DPAs, regular audits and all aspects managed in Audatis (data privacy management system)

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ISO 27001 certified

We are fulfilling the ISO 27001 norm for data security, you can download our ISO certificate here

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Servers hosted in Germany

Our architecture is deployed on top secured servers of GCP in Germany

erase askbrian

Data erased automatically

Files our clients provide to Brian are only temporarily stored, and after processing automatically deleted


Carefully selected subprocessors

We work solely with verified subprocessors and cover our cooperations in individual Data Processing Agreements

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Ready to be deployed in your cloud

We allow our clients to communicate with Brian via their own email servers, and deploy Brian’s core on our own cloud infrastructure

– Security and Privacy  –

Before Brian, our clients faced multiple data security and privacy challenges

Employees use various free and unsecure tools on the internet

Staff members download malware to solve urgent tasks

Documents are translated by copy-pasting from / to Google translator

Important and confidential data is transferred using unsafe protocols

AskBrian data processing example: File translation 

Scheme_safety askbrian

How it starts: The user writes an email or an MS Teams message to Brian,  attaching the file which needs to be translated.

AskBrian saves the provided file(s) on a temporary basis, in order to ensure proper execution of the task.

We do not save the files longer than needed for task execution and delivery.

The request text copy (email body, email subject line or MS Teams message) is forwarded to our Natural Language Processing agent, which identifies the user’s intent and further aspects of the request (esp. source and target language).

For example: ‘Translate the file from English to German’

Note: We do not share the user’s identities, signatures, nor attachments.

The NLP agent then provides structured information of what the user asks for in a language the ‘machines’ understand.

This structured information triggers the right (translation) skill execution.

The raw text elements of the file are then translated on a snippet-by-snippet basis, without sharing the whole document nor the user identity.
The snippet-by-snippet approach differs per file type:
– Slide-by-slide for PowerPoint presentations
– Chapter-by-chapter for Word documents
– Sheet-by-sheet in case of Excel files

Note: We do not share the file itself, user identity, file name, its context or any included pictures.

The translated document is then sent to the user, and the resulting, as well as the original files, are deleted by an automated routine operation.

Note: For NLP-training and usage analysis purposes, AskBrian solely saves a few uncritical metadata:
– Email-address
– Time-stamp of request
– Email-text (how the user asked for the task)
– Filename
– File size

– Data security and privacy question or incident?  –

– Security and Privacy  –

At AskBrian, we are 100% transparent about our policies and data processing