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add new skills
based on client requests
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– Some basics –

Brian is a multi-skill AI assistant for consultants.

  • Brian has multiple talents powered by selected digital services and data sources.

  • A few hints on how to work with him:

    • Keep your requests short and crisp

    • In each request, ask for one skill and one ‘thing’ only.
      (e.g., one company, one industry,…)

    • His mother tongue is English, but he talks 100 languages.

  • He delivers within 3 minutes, 24/7.

  • Enjoy!

– Skill details –

Learn more about Brian’s amazing skills!

– Skill details –

File Translation

– Skill details –


– Skill details –

File Handling

– Skill details –

Slide Graphics

– Skill details –



We are shooting for 50 amazing skills!