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Getting Access

It’s easy! You can apply for a 14-day free trial of Brian, giving you access to his complete skill set without providing any payment information upfront. By registering for a free trial here (no credit card needed) or even just by registering via email. In order to register via email, just send an email to brian@askbrian.ai, and confirm the T&Cs and the Privacy Policy. Get started today!

Just write an email to Brian brian@askbrian.ai and if he answers, you definitively have the access to his services. Have fun!

Just before the end of your free trial (14 days), Brian will ask you to subscribe to one of his available plans. If you don’t wish to subscribe, the subscription will be auto-canceled, and no additional action is required.

For individual professional users, Brian’s pricing starts at 9,99€ per user per month for an annual subscription.

For more details on all available plans and pricing options, please read Brian’s pricing plans. For corporations, organizations, and teams, Brian offers custom pricing packages – about those, you can learn more in our blog post.

You can cancel your subscription at any time within your askbrian.ai dashboard, in your account information. Alternatively, contact support@askbrian.ai. Brian will surely miss you!

Working With Brian

Brian is an AI-powered digital assistant for business professionals. You might say he a virtual business analytics intern, and the best online assistant you can ask for.
Brian communicates via email, and he can perform a plethora of time-consuming tasks tailored particularly to the needs of management consultants and high-paced business professionals.
Brian simplifies the lives of his users and empowers them to focus on high-value tasks by taking care of tedious ones such as document translation from/to 100 languages, providing company profiles, file conversion, industry research, providing presentation graphics, and much more.

To begin working with Brian, the process is extremely simple. You can apply for a 14-day free trial where Brian’s full range of exceptional and time-saving skills are available to you. Think of Brian as your newest colleague or team member; one that you can reach via email, MS Teams, or Slack and who has mastered the art of time management. For example, if you send Brian an email with a PPT attached asking him to translate it into another language, request industry intelligence, icons for a presentation, or a range of other inherently tedious tasks, he will dutifully complete each one in only three minutes. Talk about efficiency at its finest!

In this 3-minute video, our founder explains everything you need to know about Brian; how to get started, what his skills are, and how to interact with him via email to optimize your workflow and decrease your workload.

Brian currently offers 30+1 skills in 4 areas- File Translation, Research, File Handling, Slide Graphics, and more. Please read our Skills section for a quick overview and detailed description of his skills and capabilities.

Additionally, you can email Brian directly at brian@askbrian.ai asking for example “what are your skills?” and he’ll be more than happy to fill you in. Super cool right?

‘Brian’, ‘Brian Pro’ and “Brian Next” are different service/pricing plans that you can access when you subscribe to AskBrian.

You can find an overview of the included services on our pricing page.

The team behind Brian is continuously working to add new skills and capabilities based on client requests. Currently, we are shooting for 50 amazing skills for Brian to have at his disposal. You can also help us in defining our skill priorities, as well as reaching out directly for new skill requests.

No, you don’t need your own access to other online tools; Brian takes care of all of this for you!

Brian combines key functionalities of multiple costly tools, provides access to premium data sources, and reduces your services spend. Leave it to him!

Brian’s mother tongue is English, but he also speaks German , French and Japanese. If you need the work results of Brian (e.g. company profile) translated, just ask him for a translation of the file – he can translate documents into more than 100 languages!

No, Brian is an AI-powered digital assistant, and his multiple skills/talents are powered by selected digital services and data sources integrated in a seamless manner using the most powerful NLU (Natural Language Understanding) available.

The AskBrian team behind Brian is, of course, run by humans. Therefore, you can always reach out to us if you have a specific query/need human assistance with your virtual assistant!

MS Teams integration

If you have already access to Brian’s services via email and you want to enjoy the amazing MS Teams integration, please refer to this page. Both system admins and users to learn how to install the MS Teams Brian app here.

Please consider that Brian’s MS Teams integration is quite new, therefore you can expect some minor issues while we work to make Brian the perfect MS Teams app for you and your company. 

Possible Problem: If you have already used Brian to complete tasks via MS Teams, but now find that he repeatedly answers: “I am on it… give me few seconds” the problem is most likely an ‘unfinished’ request.

Example: If you send a request which requires a file (e.g. you ask for a translation, a conversion…) but you do not attach a file. 

Solution: If you find yourself waiting too long for a response, double-check that you have provided the file, and that your initial request was clear. This should solve the problem. 

If you want to benefit from Brian’s support via Teams, just check how to add him to your Teams app here!

This may be because your MS Teams version does not support the MS Teams App store, which is required to find the AskBrian application. Only MS Teams for work and school has the App store enabled within MS Teams. If you do have access to the App store, you should find it in the bottom left corner in your MS Teams application.

Typically, all applications are visible to you in the MS Teams App store if you use MS Teams for work and school. However, some applications can only be added after requesting access to your IT administrator. If you still cannot find the AskBrian application after reviewing the spelling, please reach out to us and we are happy to help you!

In Microsoft Teams, the “request access” feature is typically used when IT administrators within your organization choose to review an application before it can be used. Simply press “request access” and your IT administrator will receive a request in their dashboard to enable the application for you.

Data Security & Privacy

Your personal data will be used to process your request, support your experience throughout your partnership with Brian, and for additional purposes described in our privacy policy. We would like to highlight that we do not store your files.

For our corporate clients, NDA agreements are, of course, possible. In order to request this, kindly send the AskBrian team a document for review or an analysis. Please contact support@askbrian.ai for more information on this.

With our corporate clients, Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) ensuring compliance with regulations and standards can be completed. Please contact support@askbrian.ai for more information on this.

Here at AskBrian, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and service users. Check out our privacy policy for additional details.

Please read our terms and conditions for the complete subscription of our services.

Solving Problems

If you’ve started your collaboration with Brian using a specific email address, make sure your default email program is set to the same address. Otherwise, users can experience an error when employing the helpful ‘Click-To-Ask’ request links provided in the email signature of every correspondence with Brian. Not sure how to do this? Check out these helpful resources below: 

If you need additional support, kindly send an email to the AskBrian team at support@askbrian.ai. 

If you’ve started your collaboration with Brian using a specific email address (whether it is your company email address, private email address or other), Brian will only recognize and respond to the email address you’ve provided for your account.

If you are receiving messages from Brian confirming that certain skills are inaccessible to you, you probably need to upgrade your AskBrian plan. Find out about your current plan in the account dashboard. If you would like to upgrade, please contact support@askbrian.ai

You’ll find the skills per package here.

If you would like to learn more about Brian’s skills, visit his skill page here. 

Usually, Brian does not need much sleep and should be available to you around the clock. Still, sometimes there are circumstances that might prevent Brian from serving you as quickly as we would have liked.

General Reasons:
  • Flooding protection: we try to protect our employees from too much workload – so we did with Brian. Try to send one request at a time and not bombard him with multiple requests at once. Then he can respond reliably (and quickly) to each request from your end
  • The file is too big: especially when sending mails to Brian, please ensure the file size does not exceed the maximum size of 20 MB. With MS Teams, Brian can handle files sizes up to 30 MB.
  • Special characters in the file name (Teams): Sometimes we need to keep the things we do at work more secret. But with Brian, you’re always on the safe side. He will never spill your secrets ;). But to make it easier for him, please remove special characters from the file name.
Communication channel:
  • Wrong email address: we all get confused once in a while with all the mail addresses we have to remember. But make sure you use the right email address (brian@askbrian.ai) for Brian so he can get back to you and really help you with your daily business – (it is NOT brain@askbrian.ai or bian@askbrian.ai 😉 ) .
  • Check your spam: sometimes even the best get overlooked. So check your spam and add Brian to your contacts so he can always reach you.
  • Your server is not sending the file out (Teams): urghs…we know it sucks, but with that issue you should check whether your file is less than 30MB or maybe you are blacklisted…
  • File link: please provide full documents to Brian instead of links, he might not have access to the sharepoint site you are referring to and therefore cannot perform your wished for tasks.
  • File size: Brian can only handle files up to 20 MB – if necessary and applicable, split the file with the help of Brians PDF acrobatics skill.
  • Damaged file: in case of PDF check whether the file is somehow protected / encrypted, this can also be the case if not visible at first glance.
  • Special characters in file name: when working with files in Teams, please ensure to remove all special characters from the file name

Additional FAQs

You can reach out to the AskBrain team anytime by simply filling out our contact form, or by sending an email to support@askbrian.ai for all business-related issues and inquiries.

The independent company building Brian is AskBrian GmbH, Leipziger Str. 51, 10117, Berlin, Germany. Check our impressum for additional legal details.

You can find out more details about the team behind Brian, our partners, our technology, our angels, and advisors here.

Even more questions?