– STEP 1 –

Get Access to Brian

No matter if you are an individual user or if you represent a team, you can gain access to Brian easily within minutes

– STEP 2 –

Work with Brian

Brian helps you with over 30 relevant business-related tasks, communicating via email or MS Teams using natural language

– STEP 3 –

Become a Brian Pro!

While working with Brian comes intuitively, we have provided additional resources to help you become the ultimate Brian Pro!

–Access Brian Immediately–

STEP 1: Onboard Brian for your business 

– Work with Brian –

askbrian digital assistant powered by ai brian

Brian has multiple talents powered by selected digital services and data sources.
A few hints on how to work with him:

  • Keep your requests short and crisp!

  • In each request, ask for one skill and one ‘thing’ only (e.g., one company, one industry,…)

  • Brian’s mother tongue is English, but he also speaks German and French.

  • He delivers within 3 minutes, 24/7.


–Become a Brian Pro–

We continuously develop Brian’s skills further:

  • Multiple skills in one ‘tool’

  • Transparency about sources and providers

  • Hints on how to improve your experience

Even more options for larger clients:

  • Customized look-and-feel of Brian’s results

  • Individual skill development and /or integration

  • White label solutions

Get to know your new AI digital assistant, and unlock your potential

Best for individuals:
14 days of full Brian access, no strings & no credit card required.

Best for teams and companies:
an interactive Brian demo session, tailored to your specific needs.