– STEP 1 –

Get Access to Brian

No matter if you are an individual user or if you represent a team, you can gain access to Brian easily within minutes

– STEP 2 –

Work with Brian

Brian helps you with over 30 relevant business-related tasks, communicating via email, MS Teams, or Slack using natural language

– STEP 3 –

Become a Brian Pro!

While working with Brian comes intuitively, we have provided additional resources to help you become the ultimate Brian Pro!

–Access Brian Immediately–

STEP 1: Onboard Brian for your business 


It is that easy:
Sign up for a free trial:
– 14 days
– All skills of Brian
– No credit card required
– No software to be installed

Ten minutes after your confirmation email, you are good to go!

It is that easy:
In the free live demo session we will:
– Present Brian and his skills
– Learn about your situation and needs
– Answer your initial questions
– Discuss next steps

It only takes minutes to provide ‘trial access’ for you, your team, or the entire company!

– Work with Brian –

askbrian digital assistant powered by ai brian

Brian has multiple talents powered by selected digital services and data sources.
A few hints on how to work with him:

  • Keep your requests short and crisp!

  • In each request, ask for one skill and one ‘thing’ only (e.g., one company, one industry,…)

  • Brian’s mother tongue is English, but he also speaks German, Spanish, French and Japanese.

  • He delivers within seconds, 24/7.


– Brian’s help is just one email away –

Working with Brian via email:

  • The great thing about email: everyone uses it!

  • Email Brian your tasks, requests, and general questions: brian@askbrian.ai

  • No hardware, or software download needed

  • Write to Brian for assistance as if he was human, using natural language!

– Emailing made even easier–

Brian’s magic Click-to-Ask links:

  • Designed to make your work with Brian easier

  • You find the magic links on this webpage, in Brian’s signature or in his work results

  • Click on a relevant ‘Click-to-Ask’ link, and draft your next email instantly

  • Here you can find some hints on how to use these most efficiently

Yes, it’s that simple!


Brian via MS Teams:

  • Even faster response times

  • Higher convenience

  • Ultimately leaving the email-age

  • Benefiting from all skills of Brian

How to get started with Brian via MS Teams:

  • Here you can find simple instructions on how to install the AskBrian MS Teams app (admin rights required)

  • Then, follow these simple instructions to add the AskBrian app to your MS Teams application…

  • … and you are ready for work 4.0!

–Become a Brian Pro–

We continuously develop Brian’s skills further:

  • Multiple skills in one ‘tool’

  • Transparency about sources and providers

  • Hints on how to improve your experience

Even more options for larger clients:

  • Customized look-and-feel of Brian’s results

  • Individual skill development and /or integration

  • White label solutions

brian architecture how it works askbrian
broaden your digital toolbox with brian and top tips from torsten kruger

Make sure you’re getting all the benefits of Brian with more insights into:

Troubleshoot any problems away, and get back on track with Brian!

Get to know your new AI digital assistant, and unlock your potential

Best for individuals:
14 days of full Brian access, no strings & no credit card required.

Best for teams and companies:
an interactive Brian demo session, tailored to your specific needs.