We are excited about
and love what we do.


We have built Brian in order to create real value for consultants, corporate developers and other high-paced business professionals. We do so by exploring innovative ways of connecting human talent, state-of-the-art technology and data. We aim to ‘generate’ time that our clients can invest in new business ideas or share with loved ones. We believe that, thanks to our independence, personal integrity and high data security standards we establish lasting trustful partnerships. We love what we do.



The business accelerates, but a large share of professionals today deal daily with ‘standard’ operative tasks for which there are already smart tools and services available (translation, financial analysis, research, calculation model, and so on )


It is increasingly difficult to keep track of the best services/tools und distinguishing between real value services and good marketing. Many professionals are ‘lost’ in the high number of options, solutions and data sources.

AI at the start

There are already online services and tools supporting multiple tasks of advisors. These tools are fast, instantly available, increasingly smart and, compared to their value, quite affordable. Considering the recent advances of AI, we believe to be just at the beginning.

Seeking simplicity

Accessing the smart features of multiple tools without data security concerns in ‘one place’ by using free natural language increases the efficiency but is also an exciting experience.


(Founder’s story)

“It’s 10:00 pm. We work with high pressure on a proposal for an exciting consulting project. We want to integrate two slides from a different proposal but these are in German. We need them in English and we need them now. All team members are busy with other tasks (note: nobody likes to translate slides), support staff is not available on short notice… so I start to translate them by myself. In order to be faster, I copy-paste the slide sections to DeepL and back… I am impressed by the quality of the translation and think to myself… there must be an automated way for this!”



Pavol Sikula

Founder & CEO

Experienced Management Consultant
14+ years at Stern Stewart & Co.
Expertise in support optimization
Two-time Ironman

Matthias Ruppel

Co-founder & CTO

Passionate software developer
Experienced team leader
3 years big data at T-Systems

Jeewan Gaur

Product development & Research

Experienced Financial analyst
Years at CRISIL (S&P company) and BCG Knowledge
Ambitious doer and passionate cricket player

Nina Rümmele

Projects and GDPR

Experienced Management and GDPR Consultant
Years in Roland Berger, What the Food!…
Entrepreneur and keynote speaker

Christiane Krause

HR and Corp. Development

Experienced in networking, customer relations, PM and controlling
15+ years at Siemens
Passionate wellbeing manager

Christopher Schmitt

Software developer

Experienced backend developer
Years at Hetzner Cloud
Enthusiastic gamer


Björn Kolbmüller

Lead Angel

Experienced digital entrepreneur
Founder of Flaconi and Zenloop

Paul Schwarzenholz

Lead Angel

Experienced digital entrepreneur
Founder of Flaconi and Zenloop

Stefan Heppelmann


MD Green ALPS and
Partner at Stern Stewart & Co.

Jens Torchalla


Amber Invest and
experienced consulting partner

Dr. Torsten Göcke


Specialist for legal matters
Associate Partner at EY Law

Daniel Möllerhenn


Digital thought leader and
Principal at Bain & Company

Matthias Setzer

Advisor growth

Global Director Payments
Partnerships at Facebook

Matthias Anderer

Advisor AI

Aerospace engineer, serial entrepreneur and accelerator builder
10+ years in consulting
AI technology evangelist and paraglider

Felix Köllner

Advisor digital assistants

Serial entrepreneur, bot builder and hackathon champion
10+ years in consulting
Passionate downhill mountain biker

Aravind Mohanoor

NLU Expert

Leading expert for digital assistants
Founder MiningBusinessData
Software engineer and entrepreneur