Brian transcribes your audio and video recordings to MS Word within minutes!

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You may need to transcribe client consultations to create reports and proposals. Brian can transcribe those consultations for you, allowing you to focus on analysing the data and creating recommendations for your clients. Or perhaps you need to transcribe important meetings to share with your team. Brian can transcribe those meetings for you, allowing you to quickly share the information with your colleagues and move forward with your business initiatives.

What´s cool about it

  • Supports 100 languages
  • Great accuracy thanks to leading technology
  • Automatic punctuation
  • Results directly in a word file
  • Up to 25MB (30-40 mins of recording)
  • Easy workflow from your phone to Brian
  • Content not stored nor used for retraining
  • Secure and GDPR compliant

Use Cases

  • Accelerate the process of preparing meeting minutes, allowing for easy review and distribution among team members
  • Transcribe call and/or video interviews into MS Word documents swiftly
  • Enhance content creation efficiency by converting spoken notes into written text, providing a foundation for articles, blog posts, or research summaries
  • Transcribe conference calls and convert spoken discussions into written recordings
  • Read your scribbled notes from meetings and conversations to get them transcribed for your documentation (sales meetings, candidate interviews, case studies)


Supported formats

Brian transribes the following audio and video files: m4a, mp3, webm, mp4, mpga, wav, mpeg – we might extend this list of file formats in the future.

We support officially up to 20MB, although via MS-Teams we only cannot process the file in case of >30MB at the moment.

The transcription is always a simple Word file.

Covered languages

Brian transcribes audio and video files from 99 languages – all common languages supported and it is not needed anymore to provide the language of the audio file.

We will soon update the link of the supported languages on our website.

Please consider that the transcription quality depends on the audio/video language-country pair, content domain and audio/video clarity/quality.


The actual transcription is performed by OpenAI’s Whisper technology. With hosting in Germany, you can be ensured your data is safe according to highest data security and privacy standards.

Special Remarks

Data privacy (security):

    • Whisper provides an Open Source library which we deployed in our cloud infrastructure in Germany. The files you send stay within AskBrian GmbH and are not forwarded. The files are processed and hosted in Germany according to strict data protection regulations.

Recommended “command” to let Brian know what you want:

    • “Transcribe the attached file” and attach the file to the email or with the paperclip icon in Teams.

Duration of transcribe request:

    • In our latest test we could achieve a speed of 2-3 min of a audio file with a duration of 1,5 min; and a speed of 17 min of a audio file with a duration of 32 min. We are working on speeding up the service further.


For troubleshooting, consider the following:

  • Please share with Brian the actual file – not a link (e.g. to sharepoint), Brian has no access to your file system
  • The transcription works only if you provide the language of audio/video file
  • Please attach one audio/video file only in the mail. If you need transcription of multiple files, send Brian multiple emails or messages
  • Files having characters like % \ / : * ? ” < > | # in their file names are not supported on MS Teams
  • Brian transcribes files up to 20 MB – so split your file, if necessary
  • The transcription quality will depend on the audio/video language-country pair, content domain and audio/video clarity/quality

Brian Package

This skill is included in the following packages:

  • Brian Pro
  • Brain Next
  • Brian for Business

For detailed information visit our pricing site here.

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