MS Office to PDF

Helpful especially on the go. Ask Brian via your preferred communication channel to convert MS Office files to PDF!


Some clients wonder why we have built this skill as, on a PC, you can easily convert any file to PDF.

The basic use case is converting MS Files on the go – when you only have access to your mobile phone and you want:

a) To view the files without any changes/difficulties with formatting – especially in the case of PowerPoint and Excel

b) To share a MS Office file with someone, but as a PDF version only

…and we have built it because Brian was asked for such conversions before. We are actively listening to our users’ feedback and needs.


Supported Formats:

  • Input formats: docx, xlsx, pptx
  • Output formats: pdf
  • Note: we are considering to create secure PDFs as well. If this is relevant for you, let us know!


This skill is completely performed by Brian/via our infrastructure.


For troubleshooting, consider the following:

  • With this skill, we did not experience any troubles so far.
  • Maybe just a hint: If you dislike the PDF version of your Excel file, you will need to adjust the print settings – the PDF ‘printout’ looks exactly like the physical printout would look like.

Brian Package

This skill is part of some experimental skills of Brian. You can use these skills with any Brian package or trial version you have chosen.

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