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Ask Brian drafts 2 x 5 key points for any topic or action title, powered by the most capable AI language model in the world spiced up with with matching pictures!

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When creating presentations, project plans or proposals, you often need to provide some more ‘meat to the bones‘ – you need to explain what are the key points behind your core message. Formulating ‘Bullets’ for a key statement requires knowledge, experience and also creativity.
Brian is able to provide some inspiration.

You can ask Brian for bullets:

a) to have a kind of starting point
b) if you already have some points but you would like to add some more aspects.

We believe, the skill is super helpful especially when writing proposals and providing qualitative sub-aspects.

What´s cool about it

  • Bullets” for any topic
  • Ready to use in PowerPoint
  • Using the latest version of GenAI
  • Pretrained LLM for the needs of knowledge workers
  • Convenient access via Teams, Slack and email
  • Your anonymity in the face of the LLM provider

Use Cases

  • Get a good first bullet draft for content you are not perfectly familiar with and add your points on top of that
  • Challenge the completeness of your bullets to include also aspects you did not think of yet
  • List down key challenges and opportunities of change projects and other transformations
  • Draft additional bullets to find alternative solutions to your business challenge


Brian generates clear and impactful bullet points that can be used in presentations, reports, and other business documents. We want providing you with real-time assistance in drafting bullets, optimizing the language and structure for maximum impact, and helping business professionals save time and effort in creating impactful content.


The content for Brian’s ‘Brainstorm’ skill is powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology processed on MS Azure servers in Europe.

And the Pictures in the slides are sourced from Pexels, which maintains a huge library of millions of high quality photos on diverse topics.

Special Remarks

You can ask Brian to “Draft Bullets” about any topic. But please be aware of the limitations:

  • The answer is not necessarily correct!
  • The underlying data might not cover previous months. Further information about actuality of data can be found here
  • Check the content here, to understand the capabilities and limitations of skills leveraging upon generative AI


For troubleshooting, consider the following:

  • Before using this skill for the first time, you need to provide your consent. Further information can be found here
  • Please ask one question per query only. If you need bullets for multiple questions, ask Brian multiple times
  • Ask for drafting bullets on meaningful topics; a topic which is nonsense, trickery or has no clear meaning you will get an answer with “unknown”
  • We reserve the right to restrict access to Brian in case of excessive requests

Brian Package

This skill is included in the following packages:

  • Brian Next
  • Brian for Business

For detailed information visit our pricing site here.

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