List of Supported Languages in Audio/Video Transcription 

Brian supports the transcription of audio and video files from over 130 language-country combinations. You can ask Brian freely to transcribe an “English” or a “French” recording, but if you want to achieve the best result possible, it is better to provide the language code best fitting the recording. If you don’t provide any language, Brian will refuse to transcribe the file. The reason: he wants to reach the best result possible for you and the language is essential for this!

If you want to reach the best result possible, specify also the situation of the recording. Currently the following two specific settings are possible. If you don’t provide the situation, the default language model will be used, which is also fine. The situations you can (but don’t have to) specify:

  • Phone call
  • Video

An exemplary perfect transcription request to Brian would be:

  • “Transcribe this en-US phone call to text!”

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Transcribe Languages

wdt_ID Language code Language Country Click-to-Ask
1 af-ZA Afrikaans South Africa
2 sq-AL Albanian Albania
3 am-ET Amharic Ethiopia
4 ar-DZ Arabic Algeria
5 ar-BH Arabic Bahrain
6 ar-EG Arabic Egypt
7 ar-IQ Arabic Iraq
8 ar-IL Arabic Israel
9 ar-JO Arabic Jordan
10 ar-KW Arabic Kuwait
Language code Language Country