Private Company Analysis

Brian now provides analyses of over 32 million privately held companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and UK including key executives and financials!


Since private companies have different accounting standards than public companies, less information is available for them, which results in a certain lack of transparency. Therefore, comprehensive and relevant data for privately held companies is difficult to find and often only available in unstructured form. Why not rely on your expert buddy Brian to provide you with the most important and structured information in the shortest possible time?

What´s cool about it

  • Curated data source
  • Leading data provider (North Data)
  • Covering over 30 million companies from Europe
  • Broad scope of provided data
  • Current data and over 10 years of data history
  • Structured data provided in excel for a quick analysis
  • If available, provision of original annual reports as well

Use Cases

  • Analyze financial strengths and weaknesses of your target client
  • Evaluate the financial stability of your potential supplier or business partner
  • Use company key indicators as starting point of your presentation
  • Assess the financial power of your competitor
  • Evaluate a potential strategic partner’s financial health and key performance indicators
  • Analyze key competitors in a target market for a new business


Data coverage

Brian provides high quality information for privately held companies from Germany (D), Switzerland (CH), UK, France, Spain and Austria. Check here the companies covered. The data for Germany based companies includes the most pieces of information. Brian provides basically the following clusters of information depending on availability of data:

  • Business information: This sheet contains business intelligence data (location, industry, financial commentary, key officers…)
  • Relations: This sheet contains all the available data for relations with other people and companies
  • Key financials: This sheet contains standardized key financials, some of which may be estimated
  • P&L as reported: This sheet contains the profit and loss statement as reported by the company (not necessarily comparable with other companies)
  • Assets as reported: This sheet contains the assets (balance sheet) as reported by the company (not necessarily comparable with other companies)

Equity and Liabilities as reported: This sheet contains the Equity and Liabilities (Balance sheet) as reported by the company (not necessarily comparable with other companies).

Covered companies

Currently Brian can share private companies’ intelligence for following number of companies in these countries:

  • Germany: approx. 4,000,000 companies
  • Switzerland: approx. 1,000,000 companies
  • United Kingdom: approx. 9,340,000 companies
  • France: approx. 16,000,000 companies
  • Spain: approx. 3,700,000 companies
  • Austria: approx. 600,000 companies

Use this page to search the company of your interest and draft your next Brian request with one simple click!


The data is consolidated and provided by North Data, Hamburg, Germany. The data originates from the official registers in the particular countries. In Germany it is e.g. Handelsregister, Bundesanzeiger and Insolvenzregister.

Special Remarks

We are able to customize the look and feel of the Private Company Analysis according to your specific corporate identity = put the research results in your templates! This is really exciting! Contact us!


For troubleshooting, consider the following:

  • If you can’t find the company you are searching for, please consider the scope mentioned above.
  • When searching for the company it is important to start with the first letters of the actual company name
  • Sometimes, companies report the numbers on higher levels, so it is advisable to search for the parent company and get the information of the parent company
  • Sometimes there is only a few data and Brian provides very limited information – this is due to lack of information on our supplier side
  • If you want to search for a company you can not find via Brian, try to find it using the free service of North Data: and ask Brian then for all the details
  • The “As reported” information is sometimes quite unstructured – this is something we can not improve

Brian Package

This skill is included in the following packages:

  • Brian Pro+
  • Brian Business

For detailed information visit our pricing site here.

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