We all should laugh more often - even if our bosses get on our nerves. We thought it might be helpful to have a source of jokes for that. Brian provides some.


Laughing your way to success! In the world of business professionals, humor can be a powerful tool. Jokes might bring a touch of levity to meetings, eases tension, and builds rapport with clients. With a joke-telling skill, Brian will help you foster positive relationships and achieve success with a smile!


At one glance, jokes can help you out in different scenarios:

  • Ice-breaking and rapport-building in professional interactions
  • Enhancing communication by simplifying complex concepts and engaging clients
  • Humanizing interactions to create relatability and likability
  • Maintaining professionalism and appropriateness in business settings while seeming approachable


We are using multiple sources to derive Jokes from:

Special Remarks

We are using multiple sources for these jokes. Note that we do not validate the individual jokes, so sometimes the jokes might be inappropriate – please excuse this. Jokes ‘made’ by Brian don’t reflect our values and what we find is right.


We are sorry, that we can’t guarantee that you find the jokes funny. If you have a good idea where to get good but not insulting jokes from, please let us know using the contact form below!

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