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Do you need cool icons to increase the attractiveness of your presentation? Brian can send you 50 alternatives for thousands of topics!

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Who does not know it… You have a specific idea about an icon in mind, but you can’t find it in the often unstructured libraries. Need a solution? Just tell Brian what exactly you are looking for. He will provide you with icons for up to five themes at the same time in multiple versions and representations.

What´s cool about it

  • Icons for up to 5 topics at once
  • 50 icons per topic
  • Icons as Scalable Vector Graphic
  • Editable regarding size, shape and color

Use Cases

  • Make your keynote presentation more visually attractive
  • Highlight the message of your training materials
  • Bring more structure to your concept slides
  • Connect slides in project summaries with recurring visuals


With this skill, Brian provides icons for thousands of topics. Whether you need new icons for the sustainability project you are currently working on or for a presentation for the next moon landing. Brian got icons for everything.

To make sure you get what you want, please use one (“efficiency”) or maximum two words (e.g., “full moon”).


Icons are provided by The Noun Project.

Special Remarks

We are able to customize your icon set depending on your specific corporate design! Contact us!


If Brian does not deliver what you expect, consider the following:

  • Please consider that there are thousands of topics covered, but there are not icons for every subject imaginable
  • Please ask for a maximum of 5 icon sets per request only. If you need icons for more topics, send Brian multiple emails
  • Brian provides the custom icon sets in PNG format on a PowerPoint slide that you can adjust in size and color
  • The 3,000 icons in the basic icon selections are formatted in EMF – allowing to adjust the shape of the icons too
  • We reserve the right to restrict access to Brian in case of excessive use

Brian Package

This skill is included in the following packages:

  • Brian Translates+
  • Brian Pro+
  • Brian for Business

For detailed information visit our pricing site here.

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