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7 hours and 6 minutes

… is the time Brian saves each active user per month

And your Brian ROI?

… reflects your user profile and value of your time

Your value:

7 hours x 40€ per hour = 280€ per month

Your invest:

8 – 30€ / user / month
(depends on skill-set and duration)

Your Return on Investment:

8 – 34 x!

Time saving explained

The skill: Brian securely translates your PowerPoint, Docx, and Excel files (up to 25 MB) from/to 100 languages within 3 minutes while keeping the formatting!

Without Brian: You could translate the files manually, ask an agency, or copy-paste individual text elements into Google / DeepL (compared alternatives), and then adjust the formatting. In any case, you need to double-check the translation.

Your time saving: The average file translated by Brian has 26,889 characters in 138 segments (e.g. text-boxes, paragraphs, cells), and every segment takes approximately 26 seconds. In total, you would need 94.2 mins to complete the average translation on your own. With Brian, you can translate an entire file in 3 minutes, and make the final adjustments.

Consider: Using free internet tools for translation represents considerable data security and privacy risk. Brian has you covered by providing GDPR-compliant services.

The skill: Brian provides detailed profiles of 50.000 publicly traded companies and millions of private companies for up to 6 years in Excel and some more information in PDF and PowerPoint within 3 minutes!

Without Brian: You could use a costly provider (e.g. Bloomberg), scrape unreliable data from various internet sites, and/or analyze the individual annual reports for the numbers and making them comparable (compared alternatives).

Your time saving: On average per company, available data exists for 8 periods (years and/or quarters). If a user prepares the company report from annual reports, it takes 30 mins of the user’s time to prepare financial data for one year. This translates to 240 mins of user’s time per company for 8 years of data. Calculating key financial ratios takes additional 30 mins. In total Brian saves 270 mins of user’s time per company.

Consider: Through Brian, users can access comparable data between companies giving users the ability to recalculate the numbers of public companies to USD, GBP, and EUR with one simple click.

The skill: You can ask Brian to convert files from PDF (native and scanned), PNG or JPG into all Microsoft Office formats, and expect all formatting to be kept, delivered in 3 minutes or less!

Without Brian: You could use some questionable free tools on the internet, type the documents down, or you could copy-paste individual sections of the document and rebuild it incl. formatting etc. (compared alternatives).

Your time saving: The average PDF file Brian receives for conversion has 11.86 pages with approximately 1,500 characters per page. We assume that approximately 80% of PDF documents are native (created digitally) and 20% are scanned. The elements of the native PDFs can be copy-pasted at the speed of 195 characters per 30 seconds, when typewriting, you need an average of 1 character per second. In both cases, you need to do some formatting requiring 20 minutes per document. The average document takes 116 minutes to manually ‘convert’, while Brian needs 3 minutes + a quick (optional) quality check.

Consider: Using free internet tools for file conversion represents considerable data security and privacy risks. Brian has you covered by providing GDPR-compliant services, even allowing you to convert and translate a complete file with one request doubling your time-saving!

The skill: Do you need cool icons to increase the attractiveness of your presentation? Brian can send you up to 50 alternatives at once for thousands of topics!

Without Brian: You could google for icons, struggle to find relevant matching icons, making sure they fit the desired corporate identity, brand image, and are editable, the correct size, and finally, freely available to use (compared alternative).

Your time saving: On average, Brian users ask for 2.14 icons per request. Searching for good icons via google search takes approximately 5 mins (until you find the right one). Brian provides up to 50 alternative icons for thousands of topics at once, so on average, an icon search saves 10.7 mins.

Consider: Brian provides a wide range of icons all available in fully editable formats, allowing users to adjust the fill color, borders as well as shape of the icons!

The skill: Do you need cool templates for your PowerPoint presentation? Brian can send you one of 49 topic-related packages with 20-40 slide templates each!

Without Brian: You could build a slide from scratch or you could Google for PowerPoint templates. The difficulty that comes with this is finding templates directly editable in PowerPoint while also being free to use, as well as being creative and fitting the business environment (compared alternatives).

Your time saving: Using Brian, you can ask for a template instead of building your own template or searching for other sources. What costs time is creating a well-structured presentation, and finalizing the tailored look and feel. Our expert guesses that using Brian for a template request (as a skilled user) approximately equates to 20 minutes.

Consider: We can teach Brian to provide slides in your corporate identity design, just reach out to the team!

Brian can do much more: Brian has over 17 skills – all designed to save the time of consultants and busy business professionals with tedious and time-consuming work!

Without Brian: In a world without Brian, professionals need to know the best services and data sources available, as well as have the ability/tools to convert these quickly into editable formats (like MS Office), and then structure the information for further use. All this comes at the cost of your precious time. 

Your time saving: The biggest time-saving in the “Other” section results from providing industry benchmarks, project methods (incl. templates), performing pdf acrobatics, and much more.

Consider: At AskBrian, we never stop developing Brian’s current skills, increasing his skill set to fulfill even more tasks, and always have the user’s time on our mind!  

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