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This is how Brian saves your time

7 hours and 6 minutes

… is the time Brian saves each active user per month

And your Brian ROI?

… reflects your user profile and value of your time

Your value:

7 hours x 40€ per hour = 280€ per month

Your invest:

8 – 30€ / user / month
(depends on skill-set and duration)

Your Return on Investment:

8 – 34 x!

Time saving explained

The skill: Brian securely translates your PowerPoint, Docx, and Excel files (up to 25 MB) from/to 100 languages within 3 minutes while keeping the formatting!

Without Brian: You could translate the files manually, ask an agency, or copy-paste individual text elements into Google / DeepL (compared alternatives), and then adjust the formatting. In any case, you need to double-check the translation.

Your time saving: The average file translated by Brian has 26,889 characters in 138 segments (e.g. text-boxes, paragraphs, cells), and every segment takes approximately 26 seconds. In total, you would need 94.2 mins to complete the average translation on your own. With Brian, you can translate an entire file in 3 minutes, and make the final adjustments.

Consider: Using free internet tools for translation represents considerable data security and privacy risk. Brian has you covered by providing GDPR-compliant services.

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