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– What people say –

We love to amaze business professionals

– Who is Brian –

Developed for management consultants and business professionals in general, Brian can complete tasks in minutes. It is your long-awaited personal assistant, always just one email away.

– Brian’s skills –

Currently 15 skills and more to come to help you get the work done.
Here are a few.

Brian helps you overcome language barriers.

Just send any file format (PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc.) over to Brian and it will translate it immediately into your desired language.

Brian analyses all public companies for you.

Brian provides a financial X-ray of any public company around the world – over 1,000 well-structured data points in Excel and PowerPoint!

Brian helps you get those perfect slides.

Brian can provide icons, flags or templates. Email him and he will send you the elements you need for your deck in hand.

Brian fetches data for you.

Brian will pull out industry data, reports, or statistics that you need to get going with that project and meet the deadline.

– How it works –

Brian’s unique architecture

In your words, write an email to Brian with what you need.
He will come back to you with all your requests solved. Sit back and focus on the most important tasks.


No strings attached, no credit card required.

– Media –

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