– Brian puts our clients first –

We love to amaze business professionals

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– Brian’s skills –

Brian helps you overcome language barriers

Just send any file format (PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc.) over to Brian and it will translate it immediately into your desired language.

Brian analyses all public companies for you

Brian provides a financial X-ray of any public company around the world – over 1,000 well-structured data points in Excel and PowerPoint!

Brian helps you get those perfect slides

Brian can provide icons, flags or templates. Email him and he will send you the elements you need for your deck in hand.

– Be your best with Brian –

clock askbrian saves time

Focus on what matters

Increase your productivity by delegating time-consuming and repetitive tasks to Brian. Aren’t you curious about what you could accomplish with your own digital AI assistant, just a click away?

savings with askbrian

Don’t stress, spend less

With Brian by your side, you eliminate the need for additional costly subscription plans, and the hassle of managing contracts, and payment plans. Brian’s got you covered.

security and privacy askbrian

Don’t dabble with data security

Brian boasts top notch security, a transparent privacy policy, and is GDPR compliant. Hundreds of companies trust Brian with their confidential information.

– Are you busy? –

5 to 10 requests

… is the common number of requests per user per month

7 hours and 6 minutes

… is the time Brian saves each active user per month

And your Brian ROI?

… reflects your user profile and value of your time

Your value:

7 hours x 40€ per hour = 280€ per month

Your invest:

8 – 30€ / user / month
(depends on skill-set and duration)

Your Return on Investment:

8 – 34 x!

– What’s new? –

January 15th, 2022

We are continuously assessing helpful tools in the market helping professionals in consulting and beyond to be more productive. In this blog you find all the tools you need to know!

January 13th, 2022

We had a cool talk with Joe (Jörn Menninger) from startuprad.il about Brian and the uture of professional services. Check the podcast here!

December 22nd, 2021

Ask Anything. Thanks to Brian’s integration with the most advanced AI model in the world, now you can ask him anything. Check the skill details!

Best for individuals:

No strings attached, no credit card required

Best for teams:

Interactive Brian demo session