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A Zollner x AskBrian case study:

How can a customized glossary improve translation accuracy and consistency?

In AskBrian, we have found a trustworthy partner who protects our data in the way we require.

Claudia Schötz, Innovation Manager, Zollner Elektronik AG

About Zollner

Zollner supplies cross-technology and cross-industry system solutions to a diverse customer base ranging from global industry leaders to small and medium-sized companies in seven sectors. Founded in 1965 in Zandt, Bavaria, the family-owned company has developed into Europe’s leading EMS provider through steady organic growth and ranks among the top 15 worldwide. With a dedicated team of over 13,000 employees at 24 locations worldwide, Zollner is committed to excellence from development to after-sales service.  

Five questions with Claudia

1. What was the problem you were trying to solve with Brian? Were you searching for a painkiller, vitamin or was it just curiosity?

As a globally active industrial company, Zollner communicates with customers and employees worldwide in various languages, including Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Chinese and many more. We now know that not every employee speaks all these languages, and that English is not always the solution…

For quick help, you could use translators that are simply called up via the browser. Our problem here, however, is that many of the freely accessible, free translators deliver stable results in all languages, but the issue of data protection is not contractually regulated. Company content could therefore fall into the wrong hands.

2. What were the main arguments for choosing Brian?

With AskBrian, we have found a trustworthy partner who protects our data in the way we want. Brian also offers other useful additional functions, such as the ‘Research’ section, which provides interesting information for our Marketing & Sales department in particular.

The considerable increase in translation quality has also significantly increased the overall satisfaction of our customers, which indicates that the customer benefit could be further improved and increased.

3. What impact does Brian have on the company?

The question of which machine translation tool can be used for internal purposes has been resolved: we now only use Brian.
However, official documents such as image brochures or websites are still translated by a native speaker.

4. What impact does Brian have on your consultants and employees?

Most files are translated within a few minutes and the formatting is retained, which offers considerable added value, especially for PowerPoint presentations. Our employees save valuable time by not having to translate presentations, Excel lists or even production instructions themselves. They now ‘only’ check the edited file from Brian. The time that our employees gain can now be used for other tasks.

5. If you could wish for 1 Brian skill, what would it be?

We would like to be able to translate larger files, as the current file limit of 30 MB is often not sufficient for our purposes, especially for PowerPoint presentations.

Zollner’s usage structure

Each organization and user benefits from different capabilities that reflect the specific tasks of their role and organization. The top Brian Skills used by Zollner are File Translation, Convert PDF’s and Other’s.

Deep Dive: Best Practice – Implementation of a Zollner Glossary

This case study presents best practice for the implementation of a glossary of technical terms in an electronic component manufacturing system (EMS) using the example of the strategic use of Brian at Zollner.

As Zollner mainly uses Brian for translations, a glossary of technical terms was created for Zollner. The direct integration of a glossary list in AskBrian further speeds up the review process for Zollner employees and saves additional time when reviewing the translated documents.

Brian’s function also includes searching for specific technical terms in Zollner’s documents, which ensures that these terms are translated consistently to avoid confusion. The ‘Translate with glossary’ option is mainly used for technical documents such as production instructions, while all other documents that do not have a technical background are still processed using the ‘normal’ translation engine.


The integration of a customized glossary has proven to be extremely efficient and timesaving for Zollner. Ensuring consistent translation of technical terms has minimized misunderstandings and significantly improved the translation quality. This has led to a reduction in proofreading workload for employees. To summarize, Brian has significantly streamlined and improved workflows at Zollner.

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