Business Models

Brian gives you in-depth information about all business models and industries, all together with exemplary companies!


This skill is designed to provide a comprehensive overview and concise information of various business models, industries, and case studies to cater to different scenarios. Whether you need a general overview of business models, specific information about a particular business model or industry,  this skill has you covered.


Covered business models

Currently Brian provides information about 60 business models:

If you are interested in a particular business model, just ask something like: „What do you know about the Add-on business model?“

Covered industries

Currently Brian provides details about the business models in 20 industries:

If you are interested in the prevailing business models in a particular industry, just ask something like: „What business models are used in the Automotive industry?“

Covered case studies

Currently Brian provides more than 100 concrete case studies:

If you are interested in a concrete company, just ask something like:„What is the business model of LinkedIn?“


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