You can grant free Brian access to your business clients and partners with no additional cost!

Goody Licenses?

Goody licenses are twins of your licenses you hold as AskBrian business client. You can assign/grant those licenses to any third party you want. Free of charge.


This offer is tailored for consultancies: When working with your clients you want to a) provide big perceived value, b) show you are innovative, c) you don’t want your consultants being asked for ‘minor value’ tasks.

Example: If you as a consultancy own 50 Brian licenses, you can assign e.g. 10 goody licenses to your counterparts at Siemens, 20 to your clients at Robert Bosch and 20 to students you would like to stay in contact with.

What do you need to do?

It’s simple. Just push the orange button and fill out for which emails and until when you want to grant the Brian access. We will take it from there.

– Some more information –

Am I allowed to grant Goody Licenses?
If you are a business client (not individual user), and you have free licenses available, you can!

What if I am not a business client?
You can use our referral program ‘Brian with Benefits’, check the details here.

Can I grant Goody Licenses
to anybody?

You can grant the Goody Licenses to any third party = if you are not part of one group.

How many Goody Licenses can I grant?
You can grant the same ammount of licenses you use yourself. If you need more, just let us know!

What happens next after sending the contact form?

We validate the request, confirm the Licenses to you and your business partner.

What else can I do?

Spread the word and as a pro, help your business partners to generate the most value out of Brian! Thank you.