Do you have friends and business partners who might benefit from Brian’s assistance?
Great! Let’s benefit together!

Your friend’s benefit

Your friends and partners are lucky: Thanks to your invitation, they get 30 days of free unlimited access to all skills of Brian!

Your benefit 

We’re excited to offer you one month free as a token of appreciation for each successful referral, because sharing is caring!

Brian access for your friends and partners

Alternatively, in company context, you can sponsor “Goody licenses
for your business clients. Learn more here.

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Am I allowed to invite friends and partners?
If you have access to Brian (as an individual or via your company or student consultancy), you are!

Who can I invite to use Brian?
You can invite anybody (no worry), benefits apply for new prospects only.

How many
friends can I invite?

You can invite as many as you want!

What happens next?

After our validation, you receive a thank-you email and your friend an email asking to accept the invitation.

What else can I do?

Spread the word and as a pro, help your friends and partners to generate the most value out of Brian!