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What is Brian GenAI?

Brian is a multifunctional assistant for consultants and knowledge workers that supports you in completing your daily tasks in seconds, 24/7.

think-cell customers have the opportunity to benefit from the free version of Brian, which provides access to the leading GenAI solution via email or MS Teams.

Increase your productivity by up to 43%* with Brian GenAI and accelerate every aspect of your professional life with the power of GenAI.

*Source: HBS paper 24-013: Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier

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What are your Benefits?

Access to the latest and best Generative AI model

Direct availability via MS Teams, Email and Slack

GDPR compliance and your data not leaving Europe

think-cell customers get it for free, instead of 13,33€/month

– Security and Privacy –

What about Data Security and Privacy?

gdpr askbrian

100% GDPR compliant

Rigid internal processes, transparent Privacy Policy, DPAs, regular audits and all aspects managed in Audatis (data privacy management system)

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ISO 27001 certified

We are fulfilling the ISO 27001 norm for data security, you can download our ISO certificate here

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Servers hosted in Germany

Our architecture is deployed on top secured servers of GCP in Germany

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– GenAI Prompting Sheet –

Curious how to use GenAI in your daily life?

Brian’s Prompting GenAI Sheet is your advantage!

Need some inspiration for different use cases? This sheet offers a variety of prompts for new ideas in different departments that you can use to become more productive.