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Supporting our Student Ambassadors

When introducing new technology, communication is essential to support the change process. Brian is a very special kind of software and even if he works in a very intuitive manner we see, that a proper communication is essential for a successful Brian adoption. When introducing Brian to new users, our key contact persons play an essential role being also interested in a successful implementation of Brian. We want to support our Ambassadors  as good as we can and therefore share here some helpful materials you can use when communicating Brian adn preparing your demo events. Thank you!

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Helpful materials to communicate Brian and his skills 

Interested in becoming a Student Ambassador or just want to have a look at our Ambassador Program Overview again ?

Here you can find the Onboarding Presentation covering the following topics:

  • AskBrian Team Introduction
  • The Ambassador Program Overview
  • Ambassador Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Incentives and whats in for you as Ambassador
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Certification procedure

Just wanting a short glimpse of what your responsibilities as ambassador are, the concrete steps you are going to take and a little more…

Here you can find the Onboarding Onepager covering the following topics:

  • Ambassador Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Certification procedure
  • Concrete Steps to take
  • Supporting resources

We have already a basic frame for Brian demos available for you.
Just click the picture on the left and you will get the according PowerPoint.

Please keep in mind that the demo should be altered according to your specific target audience 🙂

You can find further resources such as:
  • Logos
  • Videos of Brian skills
  • Podcasts featuring Brian or AskBrian Founder Pavol
  • Useful links
  • Mail templates and more

on our general asset page here.

Here you will find the recorded Insight Sessions and any further Material related to the session topic.

Insight Session 1:

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If there are any questions left or you want to be a Brian Ambassador as well, just get in touch!