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A Horváth x AskBrian case study:

What is the best way to implement an AI assistant in a Management Consultancy?

We are constantly on the search for innovative tools that support our consultants in their work. Brian helps us to invest our working time more efficiently.

Michael Hertlein, Head of Knowledge Management, Horváth

About Horváth

Horváth is an international, independent management consultancy with more than 1,300 employees at locations in Europe, the USA and other global markets. As a top consultancy for transformation, performance management and digitalization, they lead companies and public organizations to sustainable success and long-term high value creation.  

Five questions with Michael

1. What was the problem you were trying to solve with Brian? Were you searching for a painkiller, vitamin or was it just curiosity?

The introduction of Brian was a direct result of recommendations from our consulting team. Many had already used his skills for various previous projects. Some consultants even knew him from their studies and highlighted his many benefits, particularly when it came to project delivery and sales pitches. After initial trials, it became clear that integrating Brian into our organization was a very good idea due to his large time saving potential.

2. What were the main arguments for choosing Brian?

The main reason for the decision was the excellent service that Brian provided: His unmatched quality output distinguished him from any competitors, making him an unparalleled choice. 

Simplicity also played a crucial role: Brian is accessible through Teams and therefore widely available in our main digital working environment. There was not much need for our IT team to be involved since the technical integration needs were minimal. Brian’s user-friendliness means that training of our staff regarding Brian’s skills was straightforward.  

3. What impact does Brian have on the company?

Part of our decision-making process was collecting feedback from our consultants regarding potential savings in costs and time attributable to Brian’s integration. The time that internal and consulting teams would save showed that the cost of an annual license would be soon recovered through the improved productivity. Follow-up reviews confirmed that Brian continues to bring financial benefits to our organization. 

4. What impact does Brian have on your consultants and employees?

For many, Brian is a great time-saver, especially when it comes to complex tasks that are difficult to manage with other tools, such as the translation of entire documents. 

5. If you could wish for 1 Brian skill, what would it be?

A GPT function leveraging our organization’s documented knowledge and data. This function would enable our consultants to access our comprehensive consulting knowledge – simply via the current chat interface. 

Horváth’s usage structure

Each organization and user benefits from different capabilities that reflect the specific tasks of their role and organization. The top 3 Brian Skill Categories used by Horváth are File Handling, Next Level and Slide Graphics. 

Deep Dive: Best practice implementation of Brian

This case study presents best practices for implementing innovative software in a management consultancy using the example of Horváth’s strategic use of Brian.

Introducing new technology into a consulting organization requires strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and a clear demonstration of the benefits. Horváth’s path to integrating Brian is an excellent example of a structured and effective tool implementation.

The process began with an exploratory phase in which a select group of management consultants began testing Brian on a limited scale. Their positive experiences and results convinced the Board of the need to further explore the potential of Brian.

In 2022, Horváth launched a pilot project to introduce Brian to 10 % of employees. More than 100 participants took part in this three-month trial, engaging intensively with the software and utilizing its various features such as real-time translation and business analysis. Based on the early success, the pilot was quickly expanded to 280 consultants, who together tried out a variety of Brian capabilities.

The effectiveness of the pilot project was demonstrated by a high return on investment (ROI) and a positive net promoter score (NPS), which reflects the acceptance of Brian and his value among the consultants.

Based on the successful pilot project, the green light was given for the company-wide rollout of AskBrian. This decision was based on the success metrics of the pilot and the impact Brian had on the improvement of the consulting processes.

Key to the rollout’s success was careful planning and effective communication. A board member helped to highlight Brian’s value by presenting him in the context of all strategic management actions that aim to create a satisfying work environment for the staff.
We also developed an intranet site where employees could find Brian use cases along with all pertinent security and privacy aspects.

Horváth continuously evaluates the use of its tools and monitors the development of generative AI tools in particular.

Conclusion: The example of Horváth shows the importance of a step-by-step approach to software implementation in management consultancies. By starting small, securing senior management support, maintaining transparent communication, and continuously measuring success against key performance indicators, Horváth set a benchmark for the adoption of new tools. The company’s approach to integrating Brian’s software can serve as a best practice for other organizations looking to improve their consulting services through innovative technology solutions.

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