We know how and are happy to share our experience


We focus on digital assistants. We do nothing else.

While building, managing and talking about Brian we learned a lot. We learned a lot about the technology and we learned a lot about the use cases, where this technology can help. But we also learned a lot about people; how they think, how they act, and what they expect when dealing with digital assistants. And we continue to learn. Sharing our experience helps you to prevent some mistakes we or others did. On the other side, it helps us learn from your questions and your experience too. We are happy to exchange opinions.


1:1 Talks

Do you want to understand the state of the technology? What is working, what usually goes wrong? Or maybe you want to understand a bot in detail? We will guide you!

Interactive training

Do you have a group of people willing to learn about digital assistants and chatbots? In half a day, we can show you all you need to know and jointly build something.

Case study workshops

Where is the low hanging fruit and the largest potential resulting from cognitive agents? In a joint session we can elaborate the most promissing use cases and plan next steps.

Custom agents

This goes beyond enabling. We can build a custom Brian-like cognitive agent for you. We know the use cases, we are exprienced in execution and service.