– Some basics –

Brian is a multi-skill AI assistant for consultants.

  • Brian has multiple talents powered by selected digital services and data sources.

  • A few hints on how to work with him:

    • Keep your requests short and crisp

    • In each request, ask for one skill and one ‘thing’ only.
      (e.g., one company, one industry,…)

    • His mother tongue is English, but he talks 100 languages.

  • He delivers within 3 minutes, 24/7.

  • Enjoy!

– Brian’s skills –

File handling

Translate File

Convert PDF

Convert & Translate

Transcribe (Beta)


PDF Acrobatics


Company Analysis

Peer Analysis

Top Companies

Industry KPIs

News (Beta)

Ask Anything

Slide graphics

Custom Icon Set


Slide Templates


Consulting Methods

Business Models



One click drafts your next email to Brian using you default email address


One click opens your Microsoft Teams and drafts your next request to Brian you can then adjust


One click leads you to the details about this particular skill (how to use it, scope, data source…)

– Skill details –

– Skill details –

– Skill details –

– Skill details –

– Skill details –

– The Superoverview –

Finally, here you find an aggregated overview (as PDF) of all the skills of Brian including an exemplary formulation for each of those.

You can customize the highlighted elements accroding your needs and scope of Brian.

One click on ‘Click’ will draft your next email to Brian using your default email address.

One click on ‘Check’ will lead you to the details for this skill such as covered languages, companies, industries etc.
We hope, this will help you to generate maximum value out of Brian.


– Some Easter Eggs –